My rover won't go backward

Hello, I’m using Pixhawk2.4.8, Ardupilot, QGC to automate my RC car.

When the car is directly connected to my Taranis QX 7(Opentx transmitter) with Frsky Q8R, it stops at the center throttle and goes forward and backward at the upper and lower throttle. However, when the car is connected to Pixhawk, it only goes forward, which means it stops at 0 throttle. And if I put it into hold mode in QGC, it stops.

Parameters in QGC are in the default setting. The ESC is in forward/reverse mode.
I don’t know what should I do to be able to make the car go backward with Pixhawk.

Sorry for my English. I would appreciate your help.

Post your parameter file, let’s take a look.

Thank you for the reply!
myparam.txt (25.5 KB)
this is my param file.
I reversed servo1 and servo 3, and also changed NTF_DISPLAY_TYPE to use OLED display.

Problem solved!

I just set the RC3_TRIM to 1500 and it works fine.
It seems like RC3_TRIM is set to 982 automatically when I calibrated the receiver.