My roll's gone!

Just swapping out some equipment for newer stuff on an old X8. I ended up having to mount the Cube Orange inverted. So I changed the AHRS Orientation to 8. Well up is up in the hud, so there’s that. Pitch works normally, but there’s no roll. Spin it around the roll axis and it senses nothing. Even tried completely starting from initial board parameters with AHRS Orientation to 0 and still no roll. I don’t think it’s going to fly so well lol. I can’t be a bad board as it passes accel calibration. Ideas?

I would try a different copter version and see what happens.
Perhaps its just related to some specific version(s).

Reset everything and loaded 4.3 from 4.2.3. Even before adding the AHRS_orientation with the value 8, still no roll sensed in the hud. And it’s flashing “Prearm: internal errors 0x40000 I:273 bad_rotatio” error. This Cube maybe dead.

Well, turns out I’m mixing separate issues. Getting some weird auto orientations of 270 on the compass that led me to investigate board (AHRS) orientation and found there was no roll. The roll wasn’t reporting in the hud because I turned it off lol! I was using this laptop for my last bathymetry scan and turned it off so I’d have a better view from my Herelink’s video.