My Quadrotor, it crashed

Firmware: Arducopter 3.5.5
Frame: MiniQuad 210mm. X
AutoPilot: 3DR Pixhawk Mini (purchased from Amazon)
GPS: 3DR module uBlox M8N receiver
ESC: EMAX D-SHOT Bullet Series 30A ESC (BLHELI_S), supports
OneShot 125 (PWM_TYPE = 2)
Radio Control: Futaba T8FG Transmitter
FrSky TFR4 4ch / 16 ch S-BUS 2.4 Ghz receiver
Brushless motor: DJI Snail 2305
Propulsion: DJI Snail 5024S

On February 11 of this year, I was flying my miniQuad 210mm, in a day of normal weather conditions, and after having flown for about 10 minutes, my quad collapsed from a height of 7 meters, from which I could observe the loss of engine power number 1, which stopped working. So after taking a look at the flight log, I found some strange details, for example: I saw the following message twice “Motor interlock enabled”, I have never played with that parameter and I have no idea why it was activated.

That situation is frustrating for me, because I do not know exactly what caused the accident.

Any help they can provide, will be very valuable to me.


What you have shown in the graph is the result of the crash, nothing to do with causing it, just the aftermath.

The trigger for the crash was the full elevator forward then full back to stop.
That is when it seemed to over react.

Have you autotune this copter yet?
It could be that its just too reactive and you flipped it then panicked and pulled the throttle off.
Motor #1 doesn’t seem to be reacting the same as the other motors though.

Have you calibrated your ESC’s?
Could be a sync issue?

Just how overpowered is this copter?
I noticed a big change in the IMUz when you switched from PosHold to Stab.
It was basically all over the place.

Thank you very much dear, mboland!
I could see that you are an expert in the matter since it happened exactly as described here.

Yes, certainly my quad is very powerful and I had trouble tuning it,

In relation to the calibration of the ESCs, on three occasions I lost the caliracion of the esc without knowing the causes,