My quadcoper flew well but suddenly fell down and badly crash

Ive checked the log, the Z vibe is bigger, but I have flew a lot with this Z vibe value, and in my oponion, if because the vibe, the copter should fly with bad attitude first and then fall down maybe, but now it flew with nothing error and suddenly fell down. Sincerely need help here, pls help me.
Data graph here:

And log file here:

Those Z vibes are pretty bad, it’s a wonder it holds any sort of regular path.

What I did see is that Motor1 seemed to lose effectiveness, being pushed hard while the others were being shut down.

This is in conjunction with the Amps taking a sudden dive just before the decent.

To my eye it seems you had an electrical or mechanical failure of Motor1/prop/ESC.

The reason for getting rid of vibration is not just to make the FC happy, but also the fact that vibrations will kill airframes and components.

@mboland Thanks so much! I have noticed the MOTOR1 too, I think maybe the big vibration cause the frame failed