My quad with cube orange wobbling in position hold

i finished my 800mm size quad with cube orange and here 3. the drone is flying good in Alt hold, and stabilize. but when I change the mode to pos hold the drone starts to wobble. I tried autotune but it still wobbles .iam using a 17-inch prop.
the log and video of the quad are on above, please help

Hi @Christo_George
it seems that your copter is miss tuned you can see this problem on PIDs graph

but before tuning your copter you need to resolve noise problem
you can see this noise on your rate values

first fllow tuning process instruction then configure harmonic notch filter to eliminate gyro noise
and finally run auto-tune

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thanks for the reply,
I will go through the tuning process and also configure harmonic notch filter.
Is there any way to calculate the right PID values according to prop size ?
maybe a spreadsheet would really helpfull.

I tested the drone again with some changes on PID its bit improved
i will go through the harmonic notch filter and get back

Yes and no because in fact pids are more depend on thrust to weigh ratio than prop size

In a copter with more thrust to weigh ratio PIDs will be low and in a copter with less thrust to weigh ratio PIDs will be higher so with a copter with bigger propeller you will have more thrust so PIDs will be low

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ok i will go through that and get back

Set these:

Then configure the Dynamic Notch Filter and run Auto Tune.

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Following this issue.

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Your Y axis vibrations are bad, so either something is rubbing against or pulling on the flight controller, or it’s damping system is not equal in all axis. Sort that out first.

Your GPS update rate is a bit all over the place, it’s probably not an issue right now but this might help
and set BRD_BOOT_DELAY,5000 when using CAN devices to ensure they startup before Ardupilot

Being Cube Orange there is plenty of CPU power to use the live FFT to drive Harmonic Notch Filter, set these. You need to reboot or refresh params after setting the ENABLE ones in order to set the others

After fixing the vibration issues and changing these parameters, lets see the .bin log from some hovering and gentle movements (no aggressive acrobatics required)

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ok i will do that and get back to you

I changed the parameters accordingly and checked the FC and damper it was all clear and tested the drone but still, there is a wobbling issue.
the log and video.

I changed it and tested it again but it say auto tune failed to level.

I tried tuning it and configured harmonic notch filter accordingto the values given by xfacta but there is still wobbling in position hold

Vibration levels are still too high. Also the 1st mode seen on the FFT graph is ~46Hz so you will have to lower FFT_MINHZ to cover it.

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Try a test flight after setting these, be cautious about take-off, if oscillations a bigger or worse than before land immediately and reduce ATC_ANG_RLL_P and ATC_ANG_PIT_P to 6.0

EDIT: and Dave says, vibrations are still a bit too high.

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And set these too

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I reduced the FFT_MINHZ to 40 as per the parameters given by Shawn and tested the drone again.
the wobbling is reduced than last time but there is still wobbling.
the log and video.

I changed the parameters according to these the wobbling is reduced than last time but there is still wobbling.
the log and video

It doesn’t look bad. Work on this for improvement:

How is the FC mounted?

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Fc is mounted on a damper
yesterday i changed the damper to a thicker one.