My Quad is spinning (yaw) to the Right all the time

my quad spinns(yaw) to the right all the time, i have to put my stick all the way to the left to get it to stop spinning.
if i select loiter it stays at the right alt but it spinns, if i press land it lands but spinns. really strange problem.
i have checked the motorcables and the props, i have a gps and apm 2,5 with 3.01.

any sugestion?

sorry for my bad English, im from sweden

I am having the exact same problem with my tricopter, and it is annoying. My elevator seems to be switched too, is that the same for you. I could just need to reverse it, but i dont know if that is part of the problem. Let me know if you fix it

It is frustrating to me that you haven’t gotten any replies to this. To any of the moderators: Where is this type of query supposed to be posed?

Quite frankly, based on the evidence I’ve found by scouring several different forums, I think this is a problem that is endemic with the APM2.5… The compass simply isn’t shielded properly. It is susceptible to interference from myriad things, but the most critical seems to be the EMF emitted from power cables and ESCs.

I’m encountering the very same issues, and am retooling my copter(s) to try and put physical space between the APM board and the power.

The solution that 3DR has implemented, and the evidence that they realize there IS a problem is to put the compass ship onto the same board as the GPS receiver - which is intended to be up & away from everything on a drone with open line of sight to the sky for satellite visibility.

I think that 3DR would be doing the RIGHT THING to simply ship external compass chips to everyone who bought a 2.5 board with an onboard compass that simply cannot work as designed. As best I can tell, this is all the APM 2.5 boards built between January and April 2013.


Too little Info, no logs, and apparently too little knowledge of hope it works.
I strongly doubt compass is involved, the symptoms does not match.
Less whining, more actual troubleshooting is the way to go.
Check yaw input neutral, motor output values.

check your motor axel if are perfect vertical (or parallel as pairs). any tilting could affect the yaw spinning.
some configuration recommend tilting the motors, but it should be done in pairs.
the easiest way to do is to fly (loiter) at eyes level (no wind) and see the propeler disks to be on the same plane (parallel). if one motor axel is tilt, you will notice that very easy.
careful when fly at eye level, keep a secure distance.

I’ve had this problem before and the above was the answer to the problem. Have a really good look to make sure all your motors are properly aligned.