My Quad Climb down and crash

i test flight takeoff-stabilize switch to hover in poshold mode my quad hovering a moment and Climb down crash.
also when i fly and switch mode to LAND my quad Climb down very fast and crash.

i fully charged 3s battery but not sure battery issue or not.

  • pixhawk ardupilot 3.5.2/3.5.3 calibrated

sorry, my English is not good i crash many time need help to fix it.

in this log takeoff stabilize try to hover and switch to LAND mode my quad Climb down very fast and crash.

1. Your quad is underpowered/over weight and unbalanced.
Motors 1 & 2 are working a lot harder, but they are opposite and both CCW props.
Could you have the props on upside down? Or something similar?
The RCout is running at Max nearly the whole flight.

2. Your vibrations are excessive, it’s a wonder the Pixhawk knew what was going on.

3. You also had GPS glitch’s detected.
With all that vibration I would be checking the wiring and security of components.

Thank you for reply.
I think my quad over weight, motor and prop not match low kv motor but small prop.

I just recheck about vibration.

But i dont know why gps glitch. Meybe because GPS Holding pole wobble.

Thank agian help a lot :grin: