My old Y6 had a baby!

I am making rev 2 on a old Y6 and it had a baby! I am running 1404 motor. Can’t wait to try a new 6 and 1 esc for this job. 4 inch blades.

Looks cute!
1440 or 1404?
And what kv at what voltage? 5" seems quite large for such small motors.
Is the frame 3d-printed?

I hope we’ll see more of this one coming up, I always had a weak spot for Y6 and might try to replicate it at some point :wink:

Posted this late last night and messed up. Your right 1404… 3000 kv … 4" props is what you see. 3d frame with LWPLA it will be s4.

Here is the bigger 9" prop mother. :slight_smile:


Baby frame currently is weighing 244.g including 6 1404 motors and battery, not bad so far. Its about 11.75"

Excellent! Please do a build series and as much info as you’re willing to publish (maybe STL file).

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Ardupilot sim. y6-auto.mp4 - Google Drive