My new copter setup is spinning - what could the issue be?

Here is a link to video of the flight and of my motor test.

My ESCs are not wired in the default order, but I used SERVO_Functions to remap them. When I test motor A, B, C, D, they do spin up in the right order as per around the quad clockwise.

Two motors are clockwise spinning - A and C.
Motors B and D are counterclockwise.

Note that the Arducopter diagram has A and C counter-clockwise and B and D clockwise. I don’t think the difference matters, but correct me if I am wrong.

Mode was on Stabilize.

The compass works correctly it seems. The GPS/compass wire comes out the back, and indicates the correct orientation.

The Pixhawk arrow is pointing forward.

The transmitter trim seems centered when viewed in Mission Planner.

The orientation of the computer is set to default in the parameters.

I did a preflight calibration.

What could be making it spin?

If you reverse the directions then AC will attempt to correct unwanted yaw by applying additional yaw in the same direction - resulting in what you are seeing…

Ok. So I think that means that on each and every motor, I need to swap any two wires. And then swap the rotors also.

But, is there a parameter I can change that will make it do this difference of yaw correction in software so that I don’t need to resolder 8 connections?

Will changing frame type from X to H make it work?

Changing to H made it work!


perfect but do an test flight then check your log file to everything be ok