My new build 550 drone with pixhawk starts rotating during flight and crashes

I have just finished building my first drone. It lifts off ok and seen to be stable ( I use stabalise mode). However after a few minutes in the air it is not controlable anymore and starts to make circles. By pulling the throttle down I was able to save my drone.
I have looked in the logs and think I see some “strange” behaviour in RCin RCout (especially motor 3)
Can one of the more experienced drone pilots help me out and analyze my log?

Only if you post a link to it.

Hello Dave, I am sorry , English is not my native language. But I do my best. Anyway thank you for your reply. I try to upload the log file but it will not let me . The file is too big. How can I post it via a link?

Upload it to a cloud storage site (DropBox, etc) and post a link to it. Log files are generally too large to post here.

OK thanks Dave: here is the link:

did you finished tuning instruction ?
your copter was unstable

Thank Hosein for your reply. I checked motor directions and so on but for the rest I kept the default values. Because the copter seems to me pretty stable in the beginning as I look at it when it is in the air and only after a couple of minutes starts to behave “strange” I did not think of that. Anyway I will follow your recomendations and follow the complete tuning instructions guide.

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Hello, I have followed the desired calibration steps as recomneded but I still have a problem with my drone. It seems to be stabel in the air at first with not vibrations in stabilize mode. However after a few minutes it starts to descend and I am not able to control the heigth anymore. What I see is big differences between some RCIn and RCout signals (5 and 6 the most) but due my lack off knowledge/experience I am not able to draw a conclusion from that. I hope oned of you more experienced pilots can help me. I have attached the link to the log.

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Could you please send full specification of your copter ?
motor , propellers , battery …


550 hexa
pixhawk 2.4.8
Ready to sky 30A opto esc
Ready to sky 920 kV brushless motors
external GPS & compass (M8n)
4s 5000mAH lipo
10x4.5 mrp props

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Your pitch and yaw are not to bad, as expected from an untuned copter of this size, but your yaw is telling a different story.
Check out the instability in yaw.
Twisting arms?
Loose motor mounts?
Motors not level?

Your vibration levels are very good but there is a strange pulsing in the Z

It could be just a wire hitting the controller but worth investigating

Hello Mike,

Thank you very much for your tips.
I will check

my wiring and make sure that the controller is not touched by moving wires.
Motors and arms are ok regarding level and mounting.
Is the pulse in Z not caused by the landing ? I do not know the program you are using to analyze the log but I am using the analyzing in mission planner.
Do I understand it right that the yaw values also have to be “around” the zero line and not around the “200” line?

I have checked wiring and improved routing however same problem.
I have tried several times (see log) to take off. The first time the drone seems to be stable in hoover but after a minute it started to descend slowly and landed without damaging the drone. After that I tried it a couple more times but the drone was only shortly stable in the air and then started to descend again. I was not able to let is go up again. It did not seem to respond to the throttle anymore.
Any other tips?