My (new) APM is dead ? mavlink heartbeat stop

First of all, sorry for my english (i’am french…)
I Have a problem whith my APM i hope you can help me …
Since this morning , when i connected my LIPO to my quadcopter, i noticed that the 3 LED statut of the APM were OFF… And on my screen for FPV the minimosd told me “Waiting for mavlink heartbeat” …

I disconnect the LIPO and I tried to connect the APM to my computer without success.

I tried to change firmware, tried on another computer, tried differents USB cables, tried to reinstall drivers… But nothing works ! Yesterday everything was OK (no minimosd message, APM connection to computer without any problem, 3 LED working etc). I have done nothing since yesterday with it.

I do a video to show you the problem:
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Thank you in advance for what you will do to help me :cry:

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In waiting of you answer, i make a second video to show you again the problem.
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Hi neilyo,

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