My Multi-copter did not stay at the altitude I planned during autonomous takeoff

Hi everyone,

Got into problem with my pixhawk and cannot find what happened.
I made a fly plan on MissionPlanner(V1.3.41). I have set the first waypoint as a takeoff point and its absolute altitude is 25 meters. But when I armed it and switch to “auto” mode, its altitude reached over 90 meters.Besides it seemed that it would go higher if I didn’t stop it! Finally I changed the mode to “loiter” and made it come to the height I planned by operating remote controller. My firmware version is Arducopter V3.3.3. Here is my bin file for this flight!

Any ideas?
Bin file is shown on

It looks because your vibrations is very high.
FC did reach 25 meters and wants to stop but it just cannot (see CTUN.DCrt and CTUN.ThOut)


Does your copter showing right altitude at ground approximately between 0 to 1 meter ?

Have you observe any altitude fluctuations with many meters at ground level ?

Please reply

When it was on the ground, the altitude shown in the Missionplanner was sometimes minus.

Hello friend,

How much minus and plus altitude, please let me know altitude fluctuations approximately range.

If the range is in many meters than there is sensor problem of FC which is hardware problem. In this condition, your copter automatically hugely gain and loss altitude out of your control.

If the range is approximately within 1 meter than this is normal.

Also check proper power to FC, by replacing power module and check altitude at ground level.

Good luck

Let me know , loiter mood is working properly or not with your copter.

If the loiter mode is working properly than there is no problem with sensor of FC.