My kde direct motor getting overheat

im using pixhawk with the firmware 3.2
my quad motors are getting too much hot i’ve try to auto tune three to four times but still not getting a good result please help me with my quad’s pid
quad size: 650mm
kde Direct 4012xf 400kv motors
40amp hobbywing esc
17x55 cf propeller
6s 12000mah lipo
neo m8n gps
total auw : 3820grams
my current pid
p : 0.250 - 0.250
i : 0.250 - 0.250
d : 0.007 - 0.007

It is too much prop, I think this is just the problem.

I attach you the simulations on, if you don’t know it is an awesome tool for figuring out the power system of your model.

I attach it for your current setup, on 17 inches, and as you can see the current is over the maximum for that motors. On 16 it is all right, but somehow at the limit, and for 15 inches it seems all right.

Hope it helps.


thank you so much for your time and help sir
but i’m using this prop as per company’s suggestion

please help me out i’m stuck on this project please sir

I answer you the same, is not a PID but a propeller problem. Just put 16 or 15 inch props and you will be fine.

ok sir i will try with 15x5.5 propeller thank you for your time
and also i would like to call you if don’t mind
my no is : +91 8866565052
just give a miss call and i’ll call you sir
thank you once again

KDE suggestions are often based on some fantasy , their “continuous” definition is 30sec or so, and it’s borderline scam not to publish proper data for continuous use at a higher ambient temperature.

I have run tests on KDE’s+ suggested props where motors smelled burnt whithin 30sec at full throttle.
(other manufacturers cheat too, not only KDE)

sir can you please suggest me a good stable firmware for pixhawk


That is relatively easy to answer - the current stable release is 3.4.6 - many people use it - I think you are safest of to use that unless you want to go into “experimental” mode and help find the last remaining bugs with the 3.5 Beta Version…


Hello Andre, I use KDE motors for Hexacopter with AUW 7kg. Incl. 12Ah Lipo 6s. Another copter with multistar elite 5008 330Kv with same AUW. I get 25 min endurance. We plan for 1 hr endurance, could you please suggest any other motor better than the above two ? Note: I was in plan to select another KDE motor which gives 1.6kg thrust @11.5g/W @50% throttle. I am shocked now. Please suggest…

Same with T-motors, and I have not found one honest manufacturer for any bigger motors than ~100W anyway.
My best advise is to actually bench-test , run a motor with a given propeller /voltage/ambient temperature and test what it can actually do continuously - reduce propeller size/pitch until its safe.