My HERELINK RC is to be weird


Video and telemetry is working on Gound. ( i can`t flight yet because have a problem.)

I have a problem with the HERELINK.

connect RC signal (SBUS 1 is no respons, SBUS 2 is work on PIXHAWK2 arducopter, mission planner). but error message is occur with very noisy buzzer sound.

Please refer to the image in this connection.

I did D2d calibration several times, but it didn’t work.

and in radio calibration TAP on mission planner, PWM signal is moves at will. (all axis, pitch, YAW, throttle, roll)

and on mission planner HUD, NO RC receiver message repeat, the message has come and gone with buzzer sound.

Do you think I got a defective product? How do I fix a problem?

Thank you for reply.

i`m send problem herelink to HEX and receive other HERELINK.

so, other HERELINK is good working.

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