My HeeWing T1 Vtol for 2023

Im just getting my craft sorted for the 23 season and have decided to go small VTOL,this is fitted with A Matek 743 fc,RFD radio and will have the HD Zero video system fitted plus of course Yaapu,at present radio is Horus 10s but if Frsky sort themselves out will usea Tandem X20 with the RFD setup.I also have a Jumper Xiake on the way to try out,and finally I would like to try and fit Herelink in the Heewing at some poit like yesterday love this we contraption

Skip the Tandem X20. Install EdgeTX and an ExpressLRS module in your X10 and give FrSky an indefinite middle finger.


I am honestly thinking that way I am really pissed off with Frsky

Same. Hence the recommendation! I have a pair of X12S radios that are as upgraded as can be with hardware…so they run Edge and ExpressLRS flawlessly, including Yaapu.

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