My first Quadcopter frame type advise please

I’m looking to buy my first quadcopter and looking at frames choices. I like the idea of larger frames 500mm as it gives me potential for expansion to carry (light) things. The choice I’ve come up with is :-


My list of parts is these + a 5000 - 5200 mah lipo 4s

Frame X500 390g 390

Props 10x4.5 15g each 60g
Motors MT2216 810KV 62g each 248g
ESC’s 30A 10g each 40g

GPS Matek Neo M9N-5883 14.5g 14.5g
gps post mast 20g 20g
vibration mount 21g 21g
power module 22g 22g
RC RX R1F 2g 2g
FC Matek H743 Wing V2 30g 30g

Camera Runcam 2 4k 52g 52g
VTX Chaos 20g 20g
Antenna 5.8Ghz 20g 20g

wires/plugs/screws/fixings 95.5g 95.5g

TOTAL 1404.5 ~1500g

Hi David,
appears you’ve done your homework.
The great thing using Ardupilot is the ability to have something that is very versatile and can be set to exactly what you intend to have rather than just buying a product of the shelf.
But asking such a question on here can open the floodgates in regards to different opinions, thoughts and advise.
Best to go with your own approach as this will result with the best learning experience and provide you with so much more insights than just listening to some of us.
But if you want a more technical approach you can always run some numbers through here and see what appears to work best for your intended outcome:

Happy and safe flying.

Thanks Carl,

I’ve run the numbers trough eCalc and appear ok with thrust to weight ratios. I realised it’s very subjective asking these types of questions. It may have be you that advised against the cheaper s500 frame being more flexible I read somewhere, I soon went away from the idea of the very cheap flame wheel clones because of reports ban I’ve read. It surprised the difference in run times if I went with 5000mah 20700 cells as opposed to a normal lipo ‘block’. I don’t have any gear at all at the moment so therefore, don’t want to make expensive errors. I can solder and have a good electric and electronic knowledge.

Yes, the frame issue is certainly valid. I’ve build my own frame last year with bits I had sitting around from previous projects and 3D printed the centre hub. - Outcome: Horrible, barely managed to get the thing flying. Vibrations was the big issue. …but it was more for fun and a learning experience as I always had used frame kits in the past.
So, if you ask me I would go for the X500 frame as those kind are usually less prone to vibrations than those with flat or square arms.
Also keeping in mind the larger frames get the more prone they are to vibrations. But in that size range you are talking about it’s usually not much of an issue. (…can’t wait for all the other opinions about this)