My First Large Rover Build

I don’t know if this is the right place to just post my project but I’m actually pretty new to being involved in the community here. If it’s not the right place I’m sure somebody will point me in the right direction as to what part of the forum to post it. I have been working on this large rover project for about the last 6 months. I’m always looking for feedback and pointers.

This rover is intended to carry the cow feeder. I am thinking about doing a step-by-step series on youtube for it. I want to build another one with some design changes, that is once my cash supply builds back up.

Also here to help as much as I can. My focus is on building machines for the cattle industry at a producer level.

Thanks in advance for any feedback!



Nice work!

Curious why you have the GPS on the post all the way at the back - you ought to be able to mount it closer to the front and free up that whole back section for useful payload.

Great question. I think at the time I made the mount for it I just wanted to make sure I had the magnetometer as far away from interference as possible haha. I plan on moving to a dual RTK GPS for heading so it won’t be there long.