My first flight with Ac3.4

Tested: Pixracer with V configuration
Accel Calibration: Ok
Compass Calibration Onboard: Ok (all 3 compasses)
Compass Calibration Live: Ok (all 3 compasses)
ESC Calibration with Throttle up: Ok
ESC Calibration with Missin Planner: Ok
Stabilize Mode: Ok
Altitude Hold: Ok
Position Hold: Ok
Auto Mode: Ok (tower - brake, RTL Ok) Used Takeoff and land in mission.
Guided Mode: Take off: Ok, Fly here did not work.

WiFi with tower worked no issues.
No time stamp on SD Log file.


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for me i can t arrive to calibrate my accel…each time is fail…with offical version i have no problem to calibrate my pjxracer.
i don t understand but i think it s a mission planner bug…in wizzard mode my acc calibration can t arrive to pass the first step of calibration