My drone is lying on its side?

I’m building a large size drone and I tried to take off the drone indoors in the safety circle. but I feel like the drone is lying on its side and I didn’t want to give it full throttle. I took a log record, you can see it in the attachment. Is this because of the electromagnetic field, as can be seen from the records?

Rlogs and Tlogs are not very useful for troubleshooting these types of problems. .bin flight log is.
But it’s more likely the motor order and/or direction is wrong. Use Mission Planners Motor Test function to test it (props off).

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sorry my fault, here you can find .bin logs >,
I have checked my motor and prop direction, its right.

You are using old firmware (4.0.3) on EKF2. Update to latest Stable and EKF3. What Flight Controller is this?

3 of the motors are oscillating badly and Motor 4 is barely being commanded. Are you sure you want OneShot protocol? It’s not very common.

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My flight controller is Navio 2. Okay, I am updating now my firmware and change the parameter to use EKF3. My motor model is t-MOTOR P80, and has Alpha 80 A esc. What is the best protocol for this ? You don’t think it’s caused by vibration or magnetic field, do you, like me? I’ll give you my feedback, by the way, thanks for continuing to help.

PWM I would say. I don’t think the mag field or vibration would have anything to do with this problem. But it didn’t fly long enough to log vibration levels.