My drone does'nt take all planned pictures

I use Mission Planner 1.3.59 to plan photogrammery missions.
My problem is, for example, that Mission Planner plans 100 pictures.
The flight is correctly loaded to the drone
But during flight, only about 70 pictures are taken. It seems it takes the first pictures of every line (about 7 / 10).
You can see a sample below (if links are allowed on this forum)
As I use MP for some weeks only, maybe there is a parameter that I forgot.
Thank you for your answers

upload a logfile of that flight.
what camera are you using?

Which camera? Which format of the images are you using? Resolution of the images?
Also, SD card for the camera? What is the delay between the shots (in seconds)?

Uploading the mission file would be useful to!