My darn motors refuse to rotate

Hi all. I’m trying to set up a Quadplane, and I can’t get my quad motors to spin up.

When I have the mode set to FBWA I can spin the pusher propeller fine. When I switch to Qstabilize, the quad motors just keep on beeping as if there is no input. I have tested that the motors work by using a servo tester to calibrate the ESC’s. I also notice that if the Pixhawk is disarmed, and the safety switch is flashing, the quad motors beep slowly and not together.
When the safety switch is solid, the motors all beep quickly and in unison.

Is there something stupid that I’m missing?

I should note that this is the second quadplane I have done, and I also was able to go to the motor test in optional hardware and check the output. on this one, when I try the motor test, Mission Planner comes back with a “denied by autopilot”.

I’ve followed the instructions on the wiki, Everything else seems to be working well. I feel like this is the last major hurdle to get past.

I’m using Arduplane 3.9.8

Any help is much appreciated! Thanks!

Another interesting thing that was happening when I was setting up my radio was after arming the plane I could apply a small amount of throttle and the quad motors would start spining faster and faster until I disarmed the unit from mission planner.

Is there a real-time log of events that are happening in the Pixhawk that might help me?

My first thought would be an ESC calibration issue. Following the steps listed here may help.

If you want a realtime data feed, you’ll either need a telemetry radio or you can plug in the USB cord and connect Mission Planner to the aircraft to view the data. (USB cord only works on the ground, of course, you can’t fly with it…) You can use the “tuning” graph to view different values as a line plot in real time. Click the tuning checkbox below the map on the Flight Data screen to access it, double click the graph that appears to change the data that it plots.

Thank you, I do have a telemetry radio, i had no idea there was a graph like that. I will check it out!
I’ve tried to do the ESC calibration a few times, but I am sure that I’m doing something wrong and I can’t tell if it works. I will follow the directions tonight until I am blue in the face. I have just given up in the past and used the servo tester to calibrate them. I’m sure that is not the correct way to do it though…

That did it! Thanks!!

To all others with the issue, my half-assing it and calibrating the ESC’s with the servo tester was totally incorrect. Using the info graph and turning on the inputs and outputs to show me what was going on helped immensely. Then it seemed easier for me to get what was going on and calibrate on first try.