My DAC-3 Ground Rover

I’ve was into APM 2.0’s approximately a year ago with my hexacopter when I had a radio issue and I then sold it all. Over the last little while I have gotten back into FPV again and I’ve started to build up an Axial SCX10 Trail Chassis that I had, into an autonomous ROV. It is powered by an Axial AE-2 ESC and a RC4wd 35t motor. For the photos I had on Proline Trencher 2.8” Tires but I’m finding my turning circle is the pits so last night I put on my 2.2” Trenchers and it seems to have improved.

Currently I’m controlling the rig with a Dx5e. I do plan on migrating this to a higher channel Tx in the hopefully near future so that I can again have head-tracking capabilities. I currently have the throttle and steering on my left stick as it keeps this straight for when I’m flying aerial platforms as well. By using the throttle it also gives a bit of a cruise control aspect to set the throttle and do other things on straights like manipulate a pan/tilt with the right stick for now.

The FPV setup is from on 900mhz. Noted the Ogpro on the front will be replaced with a 600 lined CCD camera whenever it arrives. The gopro will go back in its case.

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Nice project well done :slight_smile:.
However, please note that this forum is mainly for technical support :slight_smile:. Such a nice project is much better presented in a blog post on DIY Drones! :slight_smile:.

Grips’ project has been posted in the ArduRover User Group Forum on DIY Drones. I left his post here because it is a good example of a rock crawler chassis and could generate a discussion concerning the pluses and minuses of rock crawler chassis that could benefit the membership.
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Noted :slight_smile:.
I’ll leave the Rover subforums totally to you then :slight_smile:.

Please still feel free to make comments concerning the appropriateness of posts in the Rover Forum and sub forums. If I cannot justify a post that you have flagged as not passing forum guidelines muster then it is out of here.
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Since the Chassis sub forum is really for discussions concerning the pluses and minuses of chassis performance and appropriateness, I would appreciate it that you limit your thread to discussing the merits of your rover chassis and post any additional project information on the DIY Drones ArduRover User Group Forum.
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I am still around if anyone has any questions. The platform functioned well but I later went to a Traxxas summit for my rover and never looked back.