My Boat Not follow waypoints

Hello friends.
I have a huge problem. Please help me
I made a boat and use of ARDUPILOT 2.8 to navigate it. I load Ardurover v2.5(3da78052) firmware to my board. I connected radio control to APM input (1-AIL3-THRO8-Mode SW) and output of APM connect to brushlessmotor and servomotor as rudder(1- Rudder**3- Motor).I use of Ublox GPS Module V2.0. I calibrated it and all thing in mission planner software is good.
in Manual Mode i no have any problem but i have two big problem in AUTO Mode.
problem1: when I switch from Manual Mode to AUTO Mode my boat Began to move with maximum speed that It is dangerous.
problem2: in AUTO Mode my boat Not follow waypoints and move Only on a direct path. I delete first waypoints in memory and write other waypoints but it Went the same way again and Does not regard to waypoints.
Given that I am a beginner, Please explain to me in simple What should I do??

First thing is to read through this information very carefully several times to make sure you understand everything.

Check the values for CRUISE_THROTTLE and CRUISE_SPEED. Make sure they aren’t too high or fast.

Then put your boat into STEERING mode and see if you can drive it around like you do in manual mode. STEERING mode uses the same code as AUTO and this makes sure you boat steers in the correct direction whilst in STEERING/AUTO modes.

If you still have problems please attach a log file.

Thanks, Grant.

I change this values,but no change my boat speed.
can you explain to me about STEERING mode more?
can i write waypoints in STEERING mode and follow them automatically?

Just a Tlog maybe enough to figure out the problem. Does your boat have reverse? Just speculating here but if you don’t have an ESC that is in neutral at 1500 PWM this could be the cause of your problem. You do need to make sure STEERING mode is working proper before trying an AUTO mission.

David R. Boulanger


The ArduRover firmware is expecting the throttle input to be from the Pitch (Elevator) joystick on the R/C transmitter and not the Throttle joystick. The Throttle joystick has no neutral at 1500us as David has pointed out. Also there will be no reverse when using the Throttle joystick for the throttle input.

same problem here… have you sorted out?

have you sorted out the problem? i have the same issue


What problem ?
Did you follow ?

Hi , yes i did …

rc receiver output 1 to input 1 apm
rc receiver output 2 to input 3 apm

Rudder connected to pin 1 output
esc to pin 3 output

In auto mode the rudder starts to move randomly … is not moving to the right if the waypoint is on the right side of the boat…

Please provide one log file capturing the issue.

Thanks, Grant.

Some instructions to do this for

APM 2.8
rover 2.5.0
mp 1.3.5


The process to do this in Mission Planner hasn’t changed - google has all the answers.

Thanks, Grant.