My arducopter will only work if connected to mission planner

after many failed and hair pulling attempts of getting this drone of the ground nothing worked until today when i plugged it into the pc via usb and opened mission planner after gps was stable i armed it no problem and i was so happy to see the motors spin so i tried it a few times outside…in my bed room even in same spot where it worked before…but nothing. when i plugged it back in they worked…so i unplugged the usb they stopped…tried this again and so i know now i can only fly my droid in my room and connected to the pc…i brought this from a guy on ebay who claimed it was ready to fly and because i had issues trying to get it started had gave me nothing but abuse.

is it possible i have a faulty board or something ?

many thanks

In Mission Planner are you able to calibrate and see your radio receiver working?

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