My app can not receive message ATTITUDE and VFR_HUD

I can not receive the message ATTITUDE ( ( #30 )) and VFR_HUD(#74) in my app devoloped by java。

the app send HEARTBEAT and REQUEST_DATA_STREAM message when connected to FC,but Most of the time, message ATTITUDE are not received even one,But other messages can be received normally like GLOBAL_POSITION_INT RC_CHANNELS_RAW SYS_STATUS …

how ever when i connect by QGC,the message ATTITUDE and VFR_HUD is coming.
I try to send the same message to FC as QGC,but there was no any message ATTITUDE or VFR_HUD response

My arduplane version: 4.0.5 stable

Please take a look at the SR*_RATE parameters and correct them according to your needs.

SR*_RATE parameters are correct setting

  1. QGC changes the SRx_RATE parameters when it connects to the ArduPilot.
  2. It starts working after QGC connects
  3. It does not work until QGC connects

Logic conclusion: No, your SRx_RATE parameters are not correct yet.