My all-wing plane flys crazily during auto misson then return back and completes the mission

Its a long mission. The takeoff was normal, and during line 3 plane flew out the line and got crazy, almost crashed. Ive checked the log, did not find anything wrong. Someone help me to find the problem, please.


The autopilot is pixhawk and firmware is arduplane v3.8.3.

Here the log:

there seems to be a problem with Servo 1 (the left one). Looks like it was unable to move the elevon for nearly two minutes.

@Hubertus_Paetow Thanks so much! Ive seen this, but cant confirm it! Because it flew back normally again.

@Hubertus_Paetow Also how to turn graph of roll (mean 3) to display on the level of RCOU.C1 (mean 1536)?

That´s easy. Just right-click the parameter you want to display with a second axis on the right.

The servo malfunction seems to be temporary, so perhaps it is a problem with the cable or the connection to the pixhawk. Try to move all electrical connections of the servo while you test it.

@Hubertus_Paetow OK! Thanks, I will test it soon.