My 1st APM rover need some help

Hello fist I’m never use the APM 2.6 before
this is my final project i want to build Autonomous Rover with GPS
first ttime i do it in arduino but i cant made it.Then i found the APM 2.6
part i alreay have is
APM 2.6
12 V DC motor x2
GPS module ubox neo6m
12 V 2.4 Amp batterry

my car is skid steering,i need 2 ESCs for control the motor right?
And i need remote and reciver right?
thank you for help and sorry about my English

Hi Yeen,

I’m afraid we don’t support the APM2.x boards anymore. We stopped supporting them over 2 years ago. I honestly don’t know why some companies continue to sell them.

A list of supported flight controllers are here on the wiki. The Pixhawk/Cube family of flight controllers are probably the easiest to work with.