Must use accelerometer on Boat?

I have problems with the accelerometer on omnibus f4 v3.

Is it possible to run without?



I don’t know. But what is the problem with the IMU’s

After short time i get vertical and horizontal errors

I have changed the fc an calibrate but make no difference

Which firmware target are you using for the Omnibus F4 V3?

omnibusf4pro 004D0022 4B4B500E 20313548
ChibiOS: 35ad8a79
ArduRover V3.5.0 (af36fc5e)

thats what You want to know?

Yes. That should be the right one for that board. I and others had a similar issue with an Omnibus F4 nano V6 board with Copter that was fixed in a beta release but I think that’s now in stable. You could try the 3.6-dev version and see if the problem persists.

After update it seems to work, but this morning it’s the same Problem

Now I order a Pixhawk? :see_no_evil:

I think your issue may be stemming from the initial gyro calibration. When you power on the fc you must make the device stand still. Each reboot it performs a gyro calibration.

You can set the INS_GYRO calibration to 0. But i recommend you to position the device flat and still and reboot for a new gyro calibration, then turning the feature off

The boat is still standing at my window. After an hour the horizon is moving 360 degrees. Did Not think its a Problem of calibration.