Multple RC's with Pixhawk

Is it possible to have two remotes connected to Pixhawk?

I wan’t to use one remote for flying and one for gimbal control for 3-axis gimbal.

I was looking at this setup guide … he_Pixhawk

And it raised a question - can I use a PPM encoder in such setup ch1-5 from receiver #1 and ch6-8 from receiver #2? Using ch1-5 for flying and mode switch and ch6-8 for gimbal axes(this was the way I used it with APM2.6)

Is there any better way or will this way even work?

My main target is to have as efficient system as possible and since Pixhawk can handle gimbal there is no reason for powering another component. I had this setup with APM2.6 but Pixhawk uses special PPM connector, so without PPM encoder I believe this is impossible.


I think!!! Haven’t tried this but you could use a taranis to control the copter & use the trainer function out to another transmitter (dunno if you could use a different brands for the trainer controller???) to control the gimbal/shutter/etc. all with 1 Rx on the aircraft. Using a x8r from FrSky…