Multivehicle RADIO statistics (multipoint radio)

I’m correctly receiving RADIO messages but he radio is multipoint and I have multiple remotes but the message contains only one remrssi and one remnoise which are “aggregate” stats, I suppose.

There is a way to receive individual radio stats for multiple drones?

If I understood it correctly, the stats are currently logged on the drones but not sent to the GCS, right?
Do I need to modify the firmware?

I’m using this firmware:

Currently I get always the same values rssi 6, noise 0, remrssi 8, remnoise 3.
Probably because these lines are commented out:

I think that this is done because the statistics are different for every node id (statistics[trailer.nodeid].average_rssi)

Can I just make it inject a RADIO message for every node on the radio? (Or is it called RADIO_STATUS?)
I’m not familiar with firmware, someone can help on this? Maybe @tridge?