Multirotor name mission planner

Hello everybody,

Just a simple question but I didn’t find the answer searching on the forum.

I’ve a couple of multirotor Hex, Quad, etc., each of them flight with Pixhawk FC. When connected to Mission planner, the assigned model name is 1 for any multirotor. All logs are saved under the same subfolder:

C:\Program Files\Mission Planner\logs\HEXAROTOR\1
C:\Program Files\Mission Planner\logs\QUADROTOR\1

There is a way to assign a more specific multirotor name (instead of 1) in order to save the logs in the specific multirotor name subfolder?

Thanks a lot for the supportandsorry for my bad english.

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Number is associated to the parameter SYSID_THISMAV. It’s an integer parameter so I’m afraid that folder will always be a number.

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Hello, thanks for the answer. No problem for the integer. I suppose it’s possible to assign a different ID for each model changing this parameter? If it’s the case, each multirotor has his specific folder, no problem if’ its called with a number.

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Yes, just change the parameter to a different number (1-255 range) and you should be good.

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Thanks a lot for the support.