Multiprotocol Module (working)

A long shot here as there isn’t much SkyViper activity these days but has anyone got the SkyViper working on a Multiprotool Module with DSM2? I have an Orange DSM2/X JR module that works fine but I have a Radiomaster Tx now with an internal module with these protocols and it should work. Can’t get it to bind.

Edit: It works, just needed to select Auto as the subprotocol.

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How do i get mine working on my multiprotocol module? Do you know the channel mappings? Like what does channel 1 do and what does channel 8 do etc.
Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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On the MPM Use DSM mode with Auto option. Open a browser and navigate to the Skyviper webpage (PC has to be connected to the Skyviper Wifi radio 1st). Go to System Control and and Bind Transmitter. Press the Start Bind button and immediately press the bind button on the transmitter. It will then bind.

Unlike the Orange module it’s typical channel mapping with the MPM, AETR.

@dkemxr I need help, my skyviper scout, have a broken control, and haven´t fix it this, what would be the solution to the problem

I had one of these working:
Orange DSM2

But since I bought the Radiomaster with an Internal Multi-Protocol Module I have used that. There are MPM modules for JR Bays.

I would like to control my sky viper from my taranis radio using the Jumper multiprotocol module, and when It arrives I expect I shall. (After a lot of messing about I am sure…) edit Of course the instructions supplied feature a module different to the one I have. HO-HUM, another learning experience here we come!

However, the little radio as supplied with the V2450GPS, seems to getting some basic telemetry back from the drone, like it beeps when the battery is low, or return home has been triggered. DSM2 or DSMX don’t have telemetry do they? Does anyone know how Skyviper does that? I know you can get the telemetry stream from the wifi portal as udp packets, but I don’t understand how the little handset would decode those…

No telemetry back to the module.

Do you know how the Sky Vipers own handset gets it’s telemetry?

WiFi I suppose.