Multiple Vehicles on MavProxy Map

New to the ArduPilot community. Been trying to follow guidance and examples but have hit a wall.
Id like to run multiple instances of ArduCopter SITL and visualize them on the same MavProxy map. All indications are that MavProxy supports multiple vehicles (identified by unique SysIDs per vehicle) understanding that they are controlled one-at-a-time by the command interface and UI.

Ive been initializing everything using, starting Instance 0 with console and map. Running a second ArduCopter (–no-mavproxy -I1 --console). Ive attempted to add tcp links but to no avail.

Any guidance or directions this group can offer?

/Tools/autotest/ --mcast --auto-sysid -i “2 3 4 5” -v
ArduCopter --map --auto-offset-line=90,10 -L CMAC