Multiple vehicles detected as one - APM Planner 2.0.20

Hi, it’s me again with another potentially dumb question. Let’s go!

I’m using DroneKit-SITL to simulate vehicles on my Debian 8 x64 setup. I can connect them to MavProxy and modify the MavLink Source System value. This way, I can have several vehicles running with different IDs and, hopefully, monitor them with APM Planner…

… The problem is, say, I setup a plane with ID=200 on TCP port 5760, and a quad on TCP port 5770 with ID=255. When I connect to TCP ports 5762 and 5772 I can read GCS data from IDs 200 and 255 separately, but at the same time I get data on MAV001 alternating between the plane and the copter, as if the whole system was a single vehicle with some serious identity issues.

Is there a way to separate both vehicles as, say, MAV001 and MAV002, and see them at the same time on APM Planner?

This is a problem with something sending message as SysID of 001. I’m guessing that drone kit is not written to handle being anything other than mysid 001?

APM Planner 2.0 can handle multiple system ids ok.