Multiple vehicles controlled by Mission planner

Hi guys,
I am having troubles switching between two or three vehicles with MP in a multi vehicle mission.
My setup:

  • I have one GCS with a RFD900+ as NodeID:0 and Dest ID: 65535 on a Raspi with MAVProxy Wifi Bridge
  • My vehicles have RFD900+ with NodeID:1 and 2 and Dest. ID:0.
  • RFD900+ having the the latest multipoint firmware
  • RFD’s see each other
    In MP the position and HUD is updated alternating with position from Node 1 and 2.
    In the drop-down menu on the top right I have only one entry. I should be able to switch between the two Nodes in that drop-down menu (or with the hidden “Ctrl-X” keystroke) as I understand but I do not see how I can get two entries?
    Can someone give me some guidance how to control different Nodes with MP?
    Many thanks

ensure all your drones have a seperate sysid. one one of them on the same link must have a duplicated sysid

there is a parameter to change this

Set different SYSID_THISMAV; Thanks for the quick answer

I have2 radio telemetry 433 hz and now what more i need to make my two boats work from one mission planner giving them different waypoint please tell i am totaly stuck
do i need to change radio telemetry so that i can connect two boats in one mission planner software