Multiple Vehicle Types (Sub and Copter)

I’m working on a project that uses both an underwater ROV and a drone flying above it. Before I put in too much work preparing them for QGC, I just wanted to ask: Is it possible to have two vehicle types controlled from the same QGC instance? In this case, an ArduSub vehicle and an Arducopter vehicle.


Vehicle type doesn’t matter with respect to QGC multi-vehicle support. Should work fine. If you are creating Plans while disconnected from the Vehicle just make sure you have the right vehicle/firmware type selected.

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Right now, I am struggling with getting the sub and copter to work together in QGC. When I have both connected, and if arducopter was the first to be connected, then the interface looks normal, and I am able to switch to ardusub. However, if I am connected to the sub first, or if I switch to the sub from the copter (vehicle 1 to vehicle 2), the drop-down bar in the top for switching between vehicles disappears, and I am unable to switch back to the copter for planning. Here is a screenshot.

The screenshot is from QGC v4.0.5, the latest version that has been tested with Ardusub. However, even in the current stable release, I have the same problem. Please excuse the GPS locations of the drone and sub being in different continents, I am working inside where it doesn’t matter quite yet.

A little more info, I have the sub connected through an ethernet cable, then the drone with an esp8266. I turned off auto-connecting, and I go to the Comm Links settings page to connect both.

Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong in QGC?

Hello Nathan,
did you ever get this working? I’m just looking into doing the same thing with 1 instance of ArduPlane and 4 instances of ArduCopter. Any ideas?