Multiple UAVs Mission Planner

Hi all, I’m looking to do a multiple UAV setup drone and rover and was reading the below regarding poor performance over the radios

Has this been improved or worked on at all before I jump in with the hardware


5 days and no info ?

Come on someone must be doing this ???

this is an area, where not a lot of people test. I have seen 5 drone swarms using wifi and esp8266’s. but this was all close range stuff.

I have run into the same issue; I’m hoping to do flocking with control based in MissionPlanner Scripts, but (in addition to getting the RC commands to send), have run into bandwidth issues. I am using a mix of RFD900 and 3DR with the multi-point firmware with an on-air baudrate of 250k, and am still having issues.

At this point, I’m seriously considering moving to a companion computer with a separate radio to handle the flock communications and control. Really, 6 data fields of 32 bits each from 3 MAVs at 10hz is only 11.52kbit/sec, but there is a fair bit of overhead compared to just sending it raw.

Yea, the 3DR radios just aren’t designed for that kind of network traffic. RFD900+ should be better as it is faster hardware and supports multipoint. RFD900x would be even better. Or you can go the companion computer+wifi route. Wifi is, after all, designed from the ground up to talk to multiple clients.