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Multiple UAVCAN Power Modules

I was just looking at CUAV’s UAVCAN PMU. How many can I use? I ask because it would be interesting to have one per motor. Mavlink2 has the ESC_TELEMETRY_1_TO_4 message, so how can the PMU values be included in that message? Thanks.

In further reading through the code, this is what AP_KDECAN.cpp is doing; the PiccoloCAN and ToshibaCAN all do this. So, what’s involved in adding another one – CUAVCAN?

Out of curiosity, why do you want that many can PMUs? They are fairly good sized, I have a couple of them. They power the flight controller via the CUAV FC power port. Power is not fed via the CAN cable.

As far as I know AC only supports a single can PMU.

You should be able to use up to 10 battery monitors, uavcan or other.

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Per ESC telemetry. .

You can get per esc telemetry by either running Dshot or enabling auto telemetry in the ESCs then feed that data into a serial port on the Flight controller

Large scale crafts are not all running BLHeli_S/BLHeli_32 ESCs.

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