Multiple telemetry

I am going to use a telemetry link to send rtcm correction to my rover from a fixed base while also using a telemetry link to connect my cube black to ground station.The telemetry device for the groundstation/cube black is the one in the image below:

And the one for the corrections is xbee pro sx. I am planning to use 915 mHz for both of them and I fearing interference, but I read something about channels. Is it something the devices automatically detect and change themselves, or do I have to make modifications using the sik radio option in mission planner for the devices in the image and the xctu for the xbee?

Hello, anyone with experience with this?

You can somehow use two different radios operating in the same frequency band, on different channels. Problem is, each one will be a noise source for the other, lowering its signal/noise ratio, and thus bandwidth and range. Compared to single-radio practical range, expect half or maybe a bit less range.

But. You have the option of injecting RTCM3 correction into the MavLink stream of your FC telemetry, thus negating the need for a second, dedicated radio link.

thank you, it was very helpful