Multiple Telemetry Devices

My current setup is an apm 2.6, y cable into 3dr radio and minimOSM. on the other end I have a 3dr radio into either my laptop or my phone.

Heres where I got crazy tonight, I have a spare radio, so with everything set to the same channel, I had the phone already connected to telemetry, then tried to connext the laptop. Mission Planner very slowly gets the settings data, and my phone goes beserk.

Is there any setting that allows a device on telemetry to be ‘passive’. I would like Mission Planner on my laptop to record the flight data, but have my phone connected to control flight modes/follow me.

Has anyone got something like this working? Thanks!

I haven’t tried it, but I don’t see why this wouldn’t work:

Use Mission Planner to setup the extra radio’s parameters. Set the TX power to zero. It should not be able to interfere with anything at that point.

See page 3 of this 3DR Radio guide: … 2-doc1.pdf