Multiple telemetry/control channels

If I am using multiple telemetry channels for control AND have a PPM radio connected as well, from which input will commands will be honored? Is their a priority, or a “lockout” of some sort? Will the FC respond to the LAST command received from whatever source? For example, if I have the 2.4Ghz Futaba radio ON and in a particular mode, and I change that mode over the telemetry channel (using Mavlink), which source will be used to set the actual MODE in the FC? If they are both set differently, will the FC ping-pong back and forth between the two MODEs? If so, I assume a crash would be imminent. What if I have TWO telemetry control channels + a Futaba PPM receiver connected?

How does a Pixhawk deal with several inputs? And of course, I’m running the latest code.

The last one wins.
So any input is used, but … the last one wins.

Thanks for the response! One last question: So what happens if the throttle on the PPM input is 55% and the throttle on the MAVLINK channel is 45%. Does that constantly modulate the internal throttle signal at random intervals? Would there be any “overflow” condition? Would the FC get confused and fail?