Multiple sensors documentation missing -- RNGFND

In mission planner, there is RNGFND from 0 to 9 and A.
I can define 10 zones, left front left, front, front right, right, rear right, rear, rear left, up & down.
I would like to utilise these but I see no documentation ANYWHERE about using rngfnd for more than two sensors.

can someone link me to any documentation for more than 2 sensors on i2c or pwm please?

The best link is here but it’s missing a critical piece of info which is that the PRX_TYPE parameter needs to be set to 4 (“RangeFinder”). I’ve added an item to our wiki issues list.

when i set PRX_TYPE to 4, all the range sensors stop working (they are all connected via PWM, 55,54,53)

I am also unable to calibrate the ultrasonic sensors, no matter what i set the offset or scaling to, the output is the same


When you say the “range sensors stop working” I guess you mean that their distances are no longer reported to the ground station?

Remember that after PRX_TYPE is changed you’ll need to reboot the autopilot. The proximity driver should then take responsibility for sending the DISTANCE_SENSOR messages to the GCS. They can be viewed using Mission Planner’s Proximity viewer. Another option is to use the Mavlink Inspector (both MP and QGC have these) but it’s more difficult to see the individual distances because it only shows one distance.

I have missionplanner set to advanced mode, however I do not get this advanced tab?
my setup tab also says “initial setup”