Multiple RCin logging

Please, help me.
Can I have both SBUS from RCin and serial port (protocol =23) to be written in flash log?
Now it has only RCIN field with one SBUS, selected from two signals.

I think the code only allows for one RC Input source - you would need an external device if you need to combine two different types of RC input - like a small arduino for example. Be aware of channels that clash - you dont want that.
You might be able to make use of the Spektrum satellite receiver input - unsure.

The Spektrum satellite receivers are nothing to do with satellites orbiting the Earth, but having multiple receivers to ensure adequate signal regardless of aircraft orientation.

You can use two if one is on the iomcu and one is on the FMU

The question is about collecting data in flash log…
When I connect one SBUS to RCin port and another SBUS to Serial1 port (SERIAL1_PROTOCOL, 23) - it means they are connected to FMU and IOMCU ?

I can find only one field RCIN in log file after this.
Can they be written in logs both separately?

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