Multiple obstacle avoidance sensors

Hi everyone,
I’m building a mid-sized rover and I’d like to add front and rear basic obstacle avoidance.
I have a waterproof 40kHz ultrasonic sensor and two VL50LX0 time of flight sensors (being a rough terrain rover, I can only use waterproof or light-based devices).
The rover mounts a Pixhawk Cube and a Raspberry Pi 3 companion computer.

Can I interface all of them to the PixHawk or do I need to use the companion computer?
Having two VL50LX0 on the front and one ultrasonic sonar on the rear of the rover: can ArduPilot distinguish between forward-mounted and rear-mounted sensors and react accordingly?

@Anelito, yes, this is possible. There’s some information here on the wiki about enabling the “stopping” style of avoidance (ie. stopping before hitting thing). the RNGFNDx_ORIENT parameter allows configuring which way the range finder is pointed.

Hello, everyone. My project is a large desert tree-planting robot, which adopts Xavier and Pixhawk hardware and uses Mavros to communicate, and directly reads mavROS node messages for vehicle control. I want to know whether Pixhawk can access multiple ultrasonic sensors? I have eight ultrasound probes.