Multiple nonhomogeneous output streams in MAVproxy

I want to use MAVproxy to connect my UAV with Arduplane, Mission Planner as GCS SW and Antenna Tracker together, But I don’t want to connect my telemetry link from UAV to Antenna Tracker’s Pixhawk because I Antenna Tracker is optional element in my setup and I don’t want to rewire cables when I add or remove Antenna Tracker. So I want to connect telemetry link to PC with MAVproxy, set this port as master and set two outputs: one via UDP to Mission Planner and second to “COM port” to Antenna Tracker. When I start MAVproxy
mavproxy --master=“com3” --out=udp: --out=“com4” I permanently get error.

Does MAVproxy support nonhomogeneous multiple outputs (multiple UDP works well)? Should I use --out or --master option for Antenna Tracker?

Thanks in advance!

I’ve done a few tests. It works well under Ubuntu, but I get errors under Windows.

It’s likely that it’s a bug … I’ll investigate later this week. Hopefully it’s an easy fix.