Multiple Mavlinks from single ground station

I’m looking to simultaneously control multiple vehicle from a single ground station (using APM Planner 2.0). I’ve heard this can be done. I’m able to display multiple mavlinks in the flight plan by going into full parameter list and changing the SYSID_Mav values for the differing autopilots. However, I still can only control one at a time. I must disconnect one to control the other. Then, when the autopilot is disconnected, it autmatically goes into RTL mode.

I’m using a serial connection type. Does using UDP or TCP connection type have anything to do with not being able to have simultaneous control? If so, how? Because I tried using both other connection types and I still haven’t been able to get simultaneous operation.

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You need to be in Advanced Mode and create a new link object by selecting add link from the Menu Option. You need one for each serial port instance.

We do need to do some work on Multiple MAV support from the UI perspective. We have been focused on making the program more user friendly for the RTF models, so some of the advanced features have become a bit hidden or don’t translate well to the ‘Mission Planner’ style UX/UI

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may i ask how do you changing the SYSID_MAV