Multiple LIDAR-Lite on Pixhawk, possible?


I’m building rover and have 2 LIDAR-lite units (v1, made Feb 2015).
Is it possible to use 2 lidars with Pixhawk? Not sure if it’s possible right now via i2c. But could it be done via PWM mode?
Also, how can I choose steering side when range finder activates?


From the wiki ( … lidarlite/):

“The use of pin 54 for the PWM signal is required, and only FMU AUX5 (pin 54) can be used due to the internal timer routing of the Pixhawk.”

As I understand you can not connect more than one Lidar-Lite using PWM if you are using released firmwares, but I would like to know if it is posible to add another PWM input to the pixhawk to manage a second Lidar-Lite. I know it would probably need to modify Pixhawk firmware so any idea about where to start would be very helpfull.


Well, I was thinking of using PCA9544 (for first version of lidar, with same I2C addresses). Also, I was thinking of using one lidar by I2C and second by PWM.
First method needs code modification, because PCA9544 needs additional commands, second method also requires code modification, because, as I understand, only one type of range finder can be used a a time.

Ok, Here what I have:
I’ve connected 2 LIDAR-Lite modules to Pixhawk. One by I2C and another one by PWM. In Adw. param list first range finder is configured as I2C, second as PWM. And they both work. Trigger distance of first range finder works for second one. Turn direction sets only for first sensor, but somehow works reversed for second one. So if rover sees obstacle with left lidar, it turns right and vise versa.
I’m still having issue with turning manually in STEERING mode. Because after activation STEERING mode I can hardly steer, it only goes for a few degrees. And obstacle detection turns wheels normally at max 45 angle.

Manual says: The steering controls the “navigation bearing”, which is what AUTO uses to navigate.
Does that mean, that I don’t actually control rover steering, but set direction?

Hi Sazabi. Very interesting setup. I just want to clarify. Are you saying one of the LIDAR’s adjusts steering correctly but the other is reversed? In other words if you detect an object with the left LIDAR does the rover turn correctly but with the right LIDAR it is reversed? Or are both LIDARs reversed?
A few people are reporting issues with Steering mode - I will need to investigate.

Thanks, Grant.

Hello, an old post, but i actually need that
" corridor" functionality.(avoiding left and right obstacles) Does anybody know it still works that way on rover 4.0 ?

I am trying to connect 4 TF Mini Lidars to Pixhawk cube version. How can I do that?

Still waiting for it. Please let me know if someone solved it

Check here

Hi Sarath. Sorry for the late reply. The problem is solved. I am using Pixhawk cube. 10 different sensors can be connected to it. You would need the corresponding splillters for the same