Multiple GPS with RTK

Hi All. Can someone just confirm the GPS redundancy behaviour with multiple GPS and RTK.

For for example 1 the setup would be 2 GPS by the same vendor like a Here + and a Here 2 so one RTK and one not, a base would be used.

would blending option work in this scenario ?

What about with multiple RTK rovers of the same vendor, will blending work then ?

Reason I’m seeing this is I have seen a number of setups with 2/3 GPS with one being RTK and I just wanted to confirm the expected behaviour and recommended setup in my head.


My believe is if you have one RTK unit and one normal then you shoud not use blending

It will work best with 2 RTK units from the same vendor

That’s what I was thinking I just wanted to clarify my thinking on how it would be have in RTK with redundancy and multiple non RTK.

Blebding RTK and normal GPS would result in an inaccurate localization. This is because your averaging the “bad” measurement from a regular module with a “good” measurement from an rtk module. Thus resulting in a “meh” measurement. Best to only blend RTKs if you are looking for the best accuracy.

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Yep, learned this the hard way by blending an F9P with a M8N.