Multiple GCS connected to one plane

Hello, I have setup of MP on my laptop, but plane is also controlled by pilot with rc-controller, I would rather say that he control the plane (when we are in manual or fbwa mode), and I just look at the data and check that everything is fine. Currently I report speed, altitude, yaw, roll to him, so we thought that maybe we could use another GCS on his phone.

I already tested that at home, launched SITL with xplane, connected MavProxy and outputted data to my local PC by UDP, so I connected via MP, and by Wi-Fi to my android phone by UDP (or TCP).

After looking at

I tested some of android apps, and decided to try QGroundControl. As I said earlier my friend want to get just speed/alt/yaw/roll, the best one for this was Andropilot (with its HUD screen), but this app is heavily outdated.

Can there be any problems with 2 (actually 3) GCS connected to 1 plane?

Best regards, Nikita.

You can try UDP for one GCS and serial port for another,the communication seems one to one.