Multiple focal lengths within same flight plan

Is there a way to change focal lengths with the one flight plan, I wish to change altitude throughout flight and want to test different focal lengths

Are you talking about on a camera?

Hi Parkgt, Yes for the camera, but in the mission planner software. I am looking to set and change the focal length in the advanced settings on the auto waypoints. The reason I wish to do this is to see the difference in images as I alter the focal length. I could save each mission with a different focal length, but this would take some time to setup and fly. If I can change the focal length at different altitudes

I have a pix hawk flight controller, a Canon SX260SX. At Focal length 4.5 mm and flying at 120 m AGL, I require more resolution. Im wondering if there is a sweet spot for imagery with focal length at various heights (20m,30m,40m50m60m etc)